Tafara Karidza

Tafara was born and bred in Zimbabwe where he did all his schooling. He completed studies in Graphic design in 1996 and worked as a graphic designer until 2003. With the job market severely dwindling and the country falling apart, he decided to move to South Africa in hope of greater opportunities. However, he really struggled to find a decent job and so resorted to his art as a means for survival.

He began making drawings of wildlife as well as some paintings, but then soon got into making the 3D township paintings and was one of the pioneers behind the vibrant art style. Using his training in art and design, he was able to develop a very unique style which continues to grow in popularity and demand. He likes to use bright and vibrant colours in his work and has developed a wide range of range of art varing in size, scenery, colour and shape. Some great unique pieces that he does are of the beautiful Cape Dutch style houses in a typical South African winelands style setting.

He has such a creative spirit and loves experimenting with recycled materials and for his township scenes works mostly with old tin cans. He uses a synthetic board called a super wood as the base for his 3D works as it is much lighter to ship. Another benefit of the material is that it is likely to more easily pass through different country’s customs (Australia still TBC).

He takes great pride in each and every piece of work he does and is proud to mention that his work has been exhibited in Montraux Switzerland in November 2010.

Taf is also able to do different works on canvas and enjoys wildlife paintings. He hopes to arrange an exhibition in South Africa where he can showcase his work.

We are very excited to be working with this talented artist and his work comes highly recommended!

His paintings are coming soon to the online store! However, for now we have a catalogue that you can view Tafara Karidza Catalogue and Pricelist and then get in touch below to place your order.

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