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The Robot Artists

cnn-african-cartelA common marketplace in South Africa for creative township entrepreneurs is the robots, where one can buy anything from car phone chargers to ear muffs, from knock-off sunglasses to country flags. What you’ll also find there are the awesomely talented Robot Artists.

Risking arrest, harsh weather and enduring the often rude and judgemental comments of passer-bys, these artists are committed to sell their township art to support their families often left behind in neighbouring countries…

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Township Painting

These mixed media township paintings are made on a wooden board using tin, nails and paint to recreate typical township scenes. A creative and vibrant use of colour and textures, these township paintings are sure to be a conversation starter! Available in different sizes and made to order the paintings are sourced randomly from one of the talented Robot Artists.

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What our customers are saying

Thank you for a job well done on the robot art prints for our client. The client (Old Mutual) was overwhelmed by the positive feedback from the delegates. Your artists have been fantastic and their work is of the highest standards, which is what we have come to expect from suppliers that we work with.
Nazeema Solomons Creative Consultant, Impact Incentives, SA
We received the painting! My brother absolutely loved it and really loved the photo and personal message from the artist. I will definitely be telling people about you guys - you are fantastic!
Yvonne Dias Perth, Western Australia
The artwork looked gorgeous and the client loved them, they thought it was a very thoughtful gift and commented a number of times on how nice it was to get a photo of the artist himself. They came out beautifully, so very pleased all round. Thank you too very much for the brilliant gift packaging, such a nice touch. Will be in touch, definitely hope to use African Cartel more in the future.
Zoe Paul Director, Abbeyfield Society of SA
Thank you so much for your painting. I love how you used many different colors. I just recently met someone from Cape Town and heard a lot about the city. From your painting I can picture the vibrant town and how people live!
Soohaeng Oh New York, USA